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Building Strong Reputations

Through proactive communication, targeted messaging and expanded coverage.

Communications Strategy

We develop strategic communications services, for corporate, non-profit, governmental crisis, and internal communications to clients with Interest in Global Markets.

Media Relations

We create media relations strategies, with the main goal of building our clients reputation. We maintain relevant coverage keeping permanent and proactive communication with key media sources for successful marketing communications.

PR Consulting Services

We provide Global media consulting and public relations services, as consultants to Fortune 500 corporate clients, together with support from our network of expert partners. And we have relevant experience in Global markets.

Our Clients

Great Brands and organizations trust us

Introducing iVoice Communications – The Global Public Relations Agency Redefining Brand Promotion!

Are you struggling to attract customers to your products and services?

It’s time to take your brand promotion to the next level with iVoice Communications, the innovative global public relations agency.

iVoice understands that the world is changing and that traditional marketing techniques are no longer as effective as they once were. That’s why we’ve embraced the latest technology to help our clients with their public relations campaigns.

With our cutting-edge AI technology, we can analyze vast amounts of data to understand your target audience and create customized public relations campaigns that deliver exceptional results. Our extensive network of global media partners gives us the reach and influence needed to maximize your audience reach and impressions.

Our innovative approach sets us apart from our competitors, and we’re proud to have a reputation for delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Rene Mandeville, Chief Marketing Officer at iVoice, says:

“At iVoice Communications, we’re dedicated to helping our clients reach their full potential. By leveraging the power of AI and our extensive network of global media partners, we’re able to deliver public relations campaigns that truly make a difference.”

So why wait? If you want to take your brand promotion to the next level and attract more customers to your products and services, then iVoice Communications is the perfect partner for you!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals!

iVoice Communications

We are a Global PR Agency Based in New York City

iVoice communications Inc, is a PR Agency with a focus on Global Markets, through Communications Strategy, Media Relations in the US, and Consulting Services for Corporate Communications.

We have strategic and broad relationships with key members of the US media, and strategic Global partners.

“We Build a Strong Reputation by proactive communication, targeted messaging, and expanded coverage. Let´s unleash your possibilities”

Adriana Aristizabal – CEO

iVoice Now

Our Latests News

From a War Correspondent to Entrepreneur – Meet Adriana Aristizabal

Exciting News! Our CEO, Adriana Aristizabal, had a captivating conversation with Michael Libbie on Insight on Business!

Explore the latest business news and Adriana’s inspiring journey from war correspondent to the force behind iVoice Communications.

Listen to the interview Here

Colombian author and CEO of iVoice Communications Adriana Aristizábal releases the Spanish version of her book at the 34th annual international book fair held in bogotá.

Press Release


iVoice Now

UAE: Adriana Aristizábal attends the first-ever Forbes 30/50 Summit to mark International Women’s Day

The summit will bring together the world’s most powerful women leaders in 2022, International Women’s Day will have a physical location for the first time. For more information on “FORBES 30/50 SUMMIT”

Forbes 30/50 Summit 2023

News Channel 8 Forbes 30/50 Summit 2023: Celebrating the Achievements of Women Around the World.

Ein Presswire – Adriana Aristizabal, CEO of iVoice Communications, a Global PR Agency, to participate in Forbes 30/50 Summit in celebration of International Women’s Day


We are people you Can Trust

Experts in PR, Communications, Journalism & Media, writing, Branding, Marketing and content creation

We have strategic and broad relationships with key members of the US media and strategic partners throughout LATAM.

Adriana Aristizabal

Founder and CEO


Rene Mandeville

Chief Marketing Officer


Laura Baldwin Fuentes



Soraya Yanine

Strategic Partnerships – Latin America


Maria Elena Gamboa

Strategic Partnerships – Mexico & Latin America


Brian Rashid

Brand Strategist


Patricia Fajardo

Managing Director – Spain


Alejandra Chaparro

Senior PR Executive – US Hispanic Market


Anderson Masetto

Senior PR Executive – Brazil


Ana Estrada

Senior PR Executive – Mexico


Daniela Botero

Account Executive – Latin America


Erika Aristizabal

Senior PR Executive – US Hispanic Market


Alvaro Nieto

Video Content Creation and Clipping Services


Cesar Camacho

Production and Branded Entertainment Advisor


Orlando Barrios

Senior PR Specialist – Latin America


Why choose us

constant innovation

Our mission

At iVoice Communications, our mission is to strategically position your company in both the English and Spanish-speaking markets. We are dedicated to helping businesses effectively connect with diverse audiences and establish a strong presence in these linguistic realms. Through our expert communication solutions, we aim to drive growth, enhance brand recognition, and foster lasting relationships with customers across international borders.

Our Vision

Empower our clients to engage US and Global consumers in their access to and purchase of your products and services.

Our methods

Build Strong Reputations through proactive communication targeted messaging, and expanded coverage.