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iVoice in Forbes 30/50 Summit

UAE: Adriana Aristizábal attends the first-ever Forbes 30/50 Summit to mark International Women’s Day

The summit will bring together the world’s most powerful women leaders in 2022, International Women’s Day will have a physical location for the first time.

New York City, March 8, 2022. This week, Abu Dhabi is hosting the first-ever Forbes 30/50 Summit, a global event gathering generations of women from both the ’30 Under 30′ list and ’50 Over 50′ list to mark International Women’s Day.

The summit brings together the most powerful global leaders, including honorees from Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and 50 Over 50 lists, with the mission of forming world-changing alliances. The Forbes 30/50 Summit focuses on creating cross-generational mentorship opportunities to provide leadership, guidance, and insights to women at every stage of their career. It also offers diverse perspectives focused on women in leadership and entrepreneurship.

On International Women’s Day itself, hundreds of summit participants will reveal their most important lessons, which will then be shared on the Forbes platforms, “Morning Joe” and others, to empower women across the world.

Adriana Aristizábal is the founder and CEO of iVoice Communications, a New York based PR agency launched in 2014 that helps companies promote their brand and grow their business by connecting with clients with consumers across the global Hispanic market – a market of approximately 600 million people contributing to 10% of worldwide GDP.

On International Women’s Day, Adriana will share her most important life lessons based on her life’s journey as a journalist and former war reporter in Colombia, her experience as an award-winning author, and her experience launching and growing a leading PR Agency.

In addition, in commemoration of International Women’s Day, Adriana’s revised edition of her book “En Fuego Cruzado: Memorias de una Reportera de Guerra” will be launched across Latin America in collaboration with El Tiempo, a leading media company headquartered in Bogota, Colombia.

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