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Brian Rashid

Brian is Brand Strategist

Brian Rashid has led a diverse communications career that includes regularly contributing to Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Huffington Post in addition to leading his company, Brian Rashid Global, which aids clients with marketing, branding, and communications services.

Prior to launching his company in 2012, Brian was a speechwriter in Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s administration, and he has since gone on to service clients such as Intel, Credit Karma, Remax, KPMG, the European Union, United Nations,, and more than 100 startup companies.

Brian holds a JD from the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law, teaches a leadership course at Fordham University’s Gabelli School Business, has been named Fulbright Specialist focusing on the future of digital media and communications by the U.S. State Department, and joins iVoice Communications as a Brand Strategist focused on English speaking domestic media.

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