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Colombian War Veterans Visit NYPD – NY1 Noticias

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Leslie Osorio was a long-time patrolwoman for the Colombian National Police.

“During a rescue procedure with a minor, I was injured.”

Lesley Osorio, “Heroes por vocación Colombia” Member

Forcing her to use these crutches, which have become her battle companions and which led her to become part of the Group Heroes por vocación Colombia’ , members of the Armed Forces and Police who have become disabled due to their work and who had the opportunity to visit the New York Police headquarters.

“We have many stories to tell, we have a world that is there next to disability, but also that they have been all our men and women who have given a part of their body to defend the homeland.”

Alexander Ospitia
‘Heroes por vocación Colombia’ Member

The new interim commissioner of the Department of the Uniformed Forces, Edward Cabán, said he could not miss this moment and said that he would not miss it. And in his hectic schedule, he took a couple of minutes to greet you all.

“And to see all of you. I just walked here and you all clap for me. I salute every one of you. And I want to say thank you, thank for what you do.”

Cabán added that they are all a testament to bravery, resilience and dedication.

“Because I see a room full of heroes”.

Edward Cabán
Interim Commissioner NYPD

In addition to a tour of places rarely visited or open to the public, the group received special recognition from the NYPD highlighting their hard work and sacrifice their hard work and sacrifice.

“Fortunately we were able to live a normal life and for them it is a little bit more difficult. For us, to see that heroism, for people to come in here is something incredible.”

Detective Ángel Ayala

The honorees, most of whom are athletes, participated in the annual Hope and Possibility Marathon, organized by Achilles International, visited the United Nations headquarters, as well as a special religious ceremony, United Nations headquarters, as well as a special religious ceremony at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

“May you allow us to rediscover the light on this path that seems to be so dark. So it is a light of hope”.

Marcela Carreño
‘Heroes por vocación Colombia’ Member

They all agreed that the activities carried out here in the city make them realize that life does not end with their disabilities and that the meeting served to strengthen ties between the two countries in the area of security.

In Manhattan. Anny Ruiz Huayamabe, New York One, News.

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