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Daniela Carmona Gonzalez

iVoice Public Relations Specialist.

Daniela is a video journalist, writer, multimedia freelance reporter, event and television host, actress, singer-songwriter, and dancer. As a communications and entertainment professional with 10+ years of experience, she is highly adaptable with a global perspective and exceptionally acute multicultural understanding.

Daniela was born in Manizales, Colombia, and grew up in Queens, NY, where at an early age discovered her passion for television and entertainment. Currently, she resides in Victoria, Canada, embracing her Hispanic heritage through diverse community activities.

Since 2011, Daniela has been working freelance for mass media and various Latin media outlets in Canada, the USA, and Colombia. After obtaining her Journalism Bachelor’s Degree, Daniela began radio broadcasting and hosting TV segments for Omni TV and the TLN Media Group. Multimedia platforms including television and radio have allowed Daniela to showcase all of the skills she has acquired as a journalist and entertainer.

Daniela covers recognized events, such as NYC Broadway shows, the HTV Heat Latin Awards in the Dominican Republic, The Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival, The Canada Day Celebration in Coquitlam, and for many years she hosted El Carnaval del Sol, the largest Latin festival on the Canadian west coast with over 100,000 spectators. Moreover, Daniela has interviewed important celebrities and influential people in Canada such as Michael Buble, Jake Gold, the Gipsy Kings, and famous Latin artists.

Furthermore, Daniela is proud of her work as an actress in film and has done commercials for networks such as NBC. She appeared in the show Arrow (2012), in multiple episodes of Untold Stories of the E.R., a TLC TV show, and she contributed to the music score of the film Unmasked (2018). As a voice-over talent, Daniela did voice-overs for international audiences including YVR Airport, CBC radio, Euforia Radio TV, KOKO productions and Sound Studios in Vancouver.

One passion leads to the next and while fulfilling her dreams as a communicator, Daniela became a singer-songwriter and recording artist with 3 EPs, “Eternal Fruit”, “New Day”, and “Guacarmona”, released in 2021 on all music platforms. Using music as the international language, Daniela follows the rhythm of her heart and her passions flow harmoniously to empower her and place her print on the world. Her work emphasizes the importance of cultural diversity, exhilarating and igniting pure love for her ethnic roots.

Daniela feels an immense desire and responsibility to be a voice for her people through journalism, acting, and music. She intertwines her talents which inevitably feed off each other and is aware of the magic of communicating through different means in order to bring humanity together. 

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