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Doreen Colondres Tapped as EU Cava/Serrano Ambassador -Raleigh Magazine

CBS 17  
TV Show “My Carolina”

Anchors Amber Freeman and Gina Pearce Stephens from the lifestyle TV show “My Carolina” on CBS 17 highlighted the launch of the D.O. Cava and Jamon Consorcio Serrano Español campaigns, led by the European Union, in the US with Global Ambassador Doreen Colondres at the Food and Wine Classic Festival in Aspen, Colorado.

Amber Freeman: Maybe, if you’re safe, a little bit of cava. 

Gina Stephens: A little bit of cava. 

AF: Some bubbles.

GS: Some bubbles. Maybe a little ham to go with it. 

AF: There you go. 

GS: That’s a nice segway

AF: I like it.

GS: How about having a mutual friend who has just been chosen by the European Union. I mean, they can. Anybody in the world. To represent cava and serrano, which is ham. And she is going to do a three-year campaign traveling the world. There she is, our favorite woman. Doreen with Vita’s House.

AF: Yes. Doreen Calandres. You all know her because she’s on the show all the time. She’s a very, very good friend of ours. We’ve known this news for a while. Gina, you got to break it in Raleigh Magazine.

GS: I do. It’s coming out in the next issue. She sat down with us and talked a little bit about why and how she got this, what she hopes to do with it. She just. Spent the weekend in Aspen at the Food and Wine Festival. Tough job. It is a tough job. But it’s going to have some fun perks to it. But she really. They want someone who can elevate the conversation about cava and this serrano. And explain. So cava is going to be 100 percent organic. And that’s coming.

AF: That’s huge.

GS: It is huge.

AF: She’s also a really great representative because not only is she representing cava and jamon, and the consorcio serrano. Doreen, don’t kill me on how I’m pronouncing it.  But she’s also representing Spain. So the fact that somebody from Raleigh and she’s originally from Puerto Rico. She lived in Spain. She has a very, very diverse portfolio of all the different things that she knows and places she’s been. But now she’s here and she has a wine school right here in town.

GS: Right here. And you’re always you sign up for a wine class. And very often she makes food for us. And she’s always been there for you. Oh, yeah. It’s incredible. But it’s funny. We ask her how someone how she an American got chosen for this. And she said, I feel like I’ve been I was European in my past life. But she has been representing brands for the last 20 years worldwide. And she’s got part of this is educating the media. And she’s working on recipes. So I told her we were happy to be guinea pigs. Absolutely. And if she needs a traveling companion to Spain, we are happy to go.

AF: One hundred percent. And she does do trips to Spain. She’s come on and talked about that before. And for anybody that wants to elevate, whether you are just in a, you know, just a one glass a week, one glass out with friends or you’re a wine collector, which she told me some of the biggest wine collectors in the country live right here in Raleigh, which I didn’t realize.

GS: I think wine classes, sometimes you get intimidated. Yes, I do. And I think I don’t know enough. I don’t want to be sitting in there with people asking intelligent questions. And I’m just there to enjoy a glass of wine and learn a little bit more. And she totally dispelled that. She goes, we have such a mixture. I think our classes are fine.

AF: They really are. And like you said, often they pairings are involved where she’s making dishes that do it as well, kind of like what she’s doing. And she’s going to travel around the country doing that. So sign up for those classes where this isn’t a push, but it’s something that if you’re just interested in, even if you’re not a wine lover, just to have that knowledge. I think it’s interesting to have dinner conversation.

GS: Well, she’s written two cookbooks. I mean, she’s just done so many amazing things. And when it comes to cooking, she’s done so many amazing things. When it comes to food, I’m always intimidated to cook for her. I rarely want to.

AF: None of us will bring wine to her house. I’ve done it once. And she didn’t open it. So that’s okay. But it just speaks for how great our scene here is, Raleigh. We have culinary experts. It’s just going to continue to go


Doreen, we’re proud of you.

AF: Stay with us. We will be right back. We are talking some set design because, you know, we like things lush right now. Yes, we do. We’ll be right back. Gina, where can we find your magazine?

GS: Oh,

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