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Heidi kuhn Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

ABC7: Heidi Kuhn, Roots Of Peace.

For more than 20 years, her work has changed lives around the world. And now a woman from the North Bay is a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The International Eurasia Press Fund announced Heidi Kuhn’s nomination today.

The Sammerfeld resident is being recognized for Roots of Peace, a group that’s helped remove landmines and replace them with orchards around the world. Kuhn is thanking her family and friends in the Bay Area for supporting her work.

All of my friends in Marin County, the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and around the world made this happen.

Heidi Kuhn´s, Roots of Peace Founder

Kuhn’s group has planted more than 7 million trees on reclaimed minefields, helping war-torn countries create jobs and food sources.

Her work has made a difference for people from Guatemala, South Africa, Ukraine, and Afghanistan.

The Peace Prize winner is announced in October.

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