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iVoice Communications Joins Global Leaders at the Inaugural MIA Global AI Summit

Photo: Image courtesy MIA- Mission Impact Academy


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April 20, 2024 – This April, iVoice Communications was honored to participate in the first-ever MIA Global AI Summit, held on April 18 and 19. This prestigious event, attended by representatives from over 60 countries, marked a significant milestone in the artificial intelligence community, focusing on the launch of a new global AI membership model dedicated to promoting continuous learning and inclusive growth in the rapidly evolving AI sector.

Empowering Global Participation through Innovative AI Education

The MIA Global AI Summit introduced a groundbreaking 12-month learning program tailored to integrate AI knowledge with essential practical skills, particularly targeting non-technical women and other talents who might be sidelined in the fast-paced AI evolution. The program is structured in several stages, beginning with foundational AI concepts and advancing through to ethics, personal AI portfolio creation, and industry-specific applications.

Key Features of the Mia Membership Include:

  • Curriculum Structure: A progressive learning curve starting from basic concepts to advanced applications.
  • Member Benefits: Access to on-demand courses, AI industry groups, personalized onboarding, and community learning environments.
  • Interactive Learning: Emphasizing real-time engagement and support across global time zones.
  • Skill Validation and Career Advancement: Focused on empowering participants through skill badges and support in building personal AI portfolios.
  • Continual Adaptation to Change: Courses updated regularly to reflect the newest trends and breakthroughs in AI technology.

Photo: Image courtesy MIA- Mission Impact Academy

A Commitment to Continuous Professional Development

At iVoice Communications, we believe that the key to thriving in the digital age lies in continuous education and adaptation. “Our participation in the Global AI Summit has not only empowered our team but also strengthened our commitment to integrating these cutting-edge educational tools into our business practices,” said Adriana Aristizabal, Founder & CEO, iVoice Communications. “We are excited to implement this innovative learning model within our teams and to further our mission of inclusivity and professional growth in AI.”

iVoice Communications is dedicated to staying at the forefront of AI development and ensuring that our team and clients are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to succeed. We look forward to continuing our active involvement in global discussions and innovations that shape the future of AI.

About iVoice Communications: iVoice Communications is a global leader in AI-powered Public Relations. We leverage the power of artificial intelligence to craft impactful communication strategies for brands, fostering powerful connections with target audiences across the world. With over a decade of experience and a commitment to innovation, we go beyond traditional PR to deliver measurable results.

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