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This week iVoice joined the reopening of the Statue of Liberty’s Crown with a meaningful story broadcasted by Univision

iVoice Communications celebrates the reopening of the crown of the Statue of Liberty after three years of closure, and the 136th anniversary of this iconic New York City tourist destination.

And what a wonderful way to celebrate this event with a story published by Patricia Fuenmayor, journalist of Univision ‘Despierta America’.

Segment (English Transcription)

Note that today marks 136 years since the French gifted her to us.

  • What a story, isn’t it?

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And well, in this regard we are back to New York with our colleague Patricia Fuenmayor. Go ahead Patricia.

Patricia Fuenmayor: Hi guys, how nice to greet you. As you can see, we are enjoying views of the Statue of Liberty, as they said, it´s her 136th birthday today. We are on Liberty Island, right in front of the Hudson River.

There, we can see the financial district; as I told you at the beginning, because New York is celebrating this anniversary and its crown is finally open to the public. However there is a beautiful story surrounding the Statue of Liberty.

Here we tell you why this world heritage site has so much to do with the immigrant struggle.

The Statue of Liberty was unveiled 136 years ago. It arrived in New York in 1886 as a gift from France to the United States, and as a symbol of friendship. It was reddish-brown, but over the years and due to oxidation it turned into the bluish-green color we all know.

It is one of the most important engineering works of the 19th century.

It was assembled by new immigrants, and it is located on Liberty Island, very close to Ellis Island, the port of entry of 12 million immigrants who arrived by ship to New York, all in search of the American dream. Lady Liberty welcomed them. Its iron frame was created by Alexander Gustav Eiffel, the same engineer who designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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Each of the parts has a meaning: the torch, in the right hand of Lady Liberty, represents the light that shows the way to freedom, the broken chain on her feet is said to represent the abolition of slavery, and her crown, with seven rays, symbolizes the seven continents and the seven oceans in universal freedom.

Well, and there she is, our gorgeous Statue of Liberty!

We recently had the opportunity to climb up to the crown. We went up about 162 steps in a seven-minute tour, a little claustrophobic, yet the truth is that it was worth it because we could see the whole frame inside, from her arms, feet, also, her eyes, and then, when we got to that great viewpoint, we could see a totally different perspective of New York City.

It is a worthwhile experience, truly. As we told you before, it was closed for two years due to the pandemic. And, for a further talk, here is Alexander Parodi, who’s a park ranger, and he shares more of the secrets of the Statue of Liberty with us. When we were going up, we saw the entrance to the arm and the torch, and we also noticed that there are pictures of people there.

Patricia: Before, it could be stepped up, right?

Alex: Not before, but those who do maintenance to the torch could go up. It is a 42 step stairway and the arm moves with the wind, therefore it is closed to visitors.

Patricia: Great. And now, there in that viewpoint which is such a tiny space, because we are literally into Lady Liberty´s head, how many people can this space hold? What’s the process like? 

Alex: Almost ten people can be held at a time, but as I told you, it takes 162 steps to go up. 

Patricia: Well, and the truth is that it is a wonderful experience, Alexander. The invitation to everyone is to book their reservations, because as you told us, they are already sold out until December, right?

Alex: Yes, yes, that is true. It is necessary to book before your visit, you can book at, which is the only authorized company that takes you to Liberty Island.

Patricia: Thank you very much Alexander for all that information, and there you know if you are planning to come to New York City, do not miss this wonderful experience of visiting the crown of the Statue of Liberty and also learning about its history.

Guys, did you like her? It loved it! I got a little claustrophobic, honestly; yet the truth is that the experience is worth it. Have a happy day everyone

Carlos: Likewise to you, such a beautiful experience! Hey, but I was already telling, imagine climbing up to the torch, and the arm starts moving with the wind, it’s scary!

I was fortunate enough to visit her by helicopter, yet from the outside, and when you see that beautiful face, so majestic, you are really moved. It is one of those symbols that makes you think how great this country is, and what it symbolizes to be an American.

Jessey: The greatness of this country, well, let us celebrate the Statue of Liberty, and also let us celebrate those people who were born on a day like today!


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