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iVoice Joins Colombian War Veterans at the Achilles International Race in NYC

Achilles race – Hope and Possibility

A group of 20 Colombian war veterans were honored with a transformative journey to New York City. They join the 21st Annual Hope & Possibility Marathon organized by Achilles International in Central Park.

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Adriana Aristizabal
CEO & Founder of iVoice Comunications

We are here today in Central Park, supporting the international organization Achilles. It is a race in which people with disabilities are invited to participate.

Cabo Daniel I. Urbina
Colombian Military Forces

They don’t give up. Here you see, running through sport can be recovered, and we can all be where we want to be. We just have to get psyched up.

Rubiel Rodriguez
Colombian National Police

The impact of the race for me personally is to overcome. Measuring how far we can go and how far our limits will take us. There really are no limits; everything is in the mind.

Juan Pablo Castañeda
Colombian Army

The impact that this career has had for us has been very important because it highlights the inclusion and social work through human rights that is being implemented through INL and the different programs.

Adriana Aristizabal
CEO & Founder of iVoice Comunications

Today we have learned many things in this place supporting our Colombia team, supporting 20 Colombian military and police officers who lost some of their limbs in the war against drug trafficking in Colombia.

So we are very proud that iVoice is linked to this kind of organizations. To have been able to run with them, to accompany them, to encourage them and above all to express our solidarity and our great admiration.

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