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Latino children enjoy Moulin Rouge! The Musical

This week Moulin Rouge! The Musical hosted 40 Latino children and their families on a theater trip night coordinated by R.Evolucion Latina.

The group of children, ages 12 to 18, had a fantastic time attending the ten time Tony Award show and expressed their joy for being invited to see the show.

Our PR Specialist, Fredy Patiño, was on-site joining the group and captured some testimonies where Hispanic children point to the power of theater, their dreams, and how Broadway stories impact their lives.

I feel amazing, I’m actually really excited, I love Broadway, and it’s one of my dreams has always been to be a part of Broadway. At the end of every state, so hearing that I was given the opportunity to be able to see Moulin Rouge is just amazing and spectacular.

And I just have so many emotions, like I’m just super excited, I listen to the soundtrack a lot, so I’m really excited to see this in person. 

Roslyn Merila

I love to see stars like them in a big stage like Broadway. It means a lot to me to see stars making their dreams come true, I imagine myself like them because I dream to be there. I would like to dance and sing my music in a big stage.

Jose Tejada

I’m feeling very grateful because it’s a great opportunity, It makes me very happy to be here. My dream is to be able to express myself and dance.


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