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Love Letters to New York City, Season 1

i Voice Now, Monday January 9New York City: Brian Rashid is the Creator of “Love Letters to the World.” This multimedia visual storytelling platform highlights stories of hope, humanity, connection, and travel through long-form letters and short emotive films. Brian has been creating a New York City edition, which rekindles hope in the love and humanity found in everyday New Yorkers. 

For the past several months, I created a “Love Letters to New York City” series. These writings and short emotive films highlight the people and places that make this city so special. Please enjoy this collection of work.

Brian Rashid

To my sponsor and friend, Bradley Tusk, I thank you for your generosity and deep belief in my pursuit to share hope and positivity in the world through creative endeavors. To Andres Ramirez, I thank you for your care, commitment, and genius to the editing of these videos, including this trailer.

Brian Rashid:

What an absolute dream to envision, create, and complete Season 1 of Love Letters to the World and Its Keepers; New York City Edition. Being able to feature people and places that make this city so magical, special, and truly infinite was a gift that fills my heart and soul more deeply than I can ever explain with words.

I poured my heart into these – carefully crafting the messages and videos in a way that showcased the genius of our protagonists while maintaining a disciplined approach to honest storytelling that centered the subjects with a pulse on their truth.

There is something inexplicably remarkable, vulnerable, and transformative about sitting down with these people; in some cases strangers, in other cases folks I’ve known for years. There is a craft to creating a safe space to listen to their stories, to ask questions that take them deeper into their own hearts and minds, healing and motivation.

To have the trust of these people to share their stories with me, and to harness my own inner courage to stand in the face of storytelling with an open mind and spirit. These lessons and experiences are something I will never forget. To all those that said yes to being featured, I thank you for your openness and bravery.

To New York City, my longest and deepest love. I thank you for making me believe that anything is possible, every single day I step foot onto your wild, unpredictable, intoxicating, enchanting, and nourishing streets. You change me every day, and no matter the range of that constant change, you are unequivocally home.

It is with deep, deep pride I present to you this recap of Love Letters to New York City, Season 1.

Brian Rashid

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