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María Elena Gamboa

Strategic Partnerships – Mexico & Latin America

Maria Elena Gamboa is a seasoned professional with over 23 years of experience designing international consumer strategies within the Travel & Lifestyle Industry. Her expertise lies in cultivating strategic partnerships and driving business growth in the dynamic markets of Mexico and Latin America.

As the founder of Luxury Essentials, Maria Elena successfully established broad-scale partnerships with key suppliers, fostering strong brand awareness throughout the region. Her entrepreneurial spirit and keen market insights enabled her to navigate the industry’s complexities for six successful years.

Before her entrepreneurial venture, Maria Elena held a regional management position at American Express, where she excelled in negotiating best-in-class travel benefits and special offers for premium cardholders across Latin America, including Platinum and Centurion CM’s. Her thirteen years with American Express allowed her to forge strong relationships and deliver exceptional value to customers.

Maria Elena’s drive to enhance customer experience led her to Banamex Citigroup, where she spearheaded cross-sell initiatives and marketing efforts. By leveraging her expertise, she successfully increased sales, raised brand awareness, and achieved business goals during her four-year tenure.

With a marketing-driven approach, Maria Elena also led the American Express Vacations team for three years. Her strategic mindset and result-oriented approach enabled her to develop winning strategies that not only attracted new customers but also ensured the loyalty of existing ones.

Throughout her career, Maria Elena Gamboa has demonstrated a relentless focus on developing winning strategies, building and strengthening relationships, and achieving business objectives. Her commitment to excellence and deep understanding of the Mexico and Latin America markets make her an invaluable asset in driving growth and success for iVoice Communications.

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