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Orlando Barrios

Senior PR Specialist – Latin America

Orlando Barrios is a versatile professional with a distinguished background that seamlessly intertwines public relations, counseling psychology, and fine arts. Serving as the Senior Public Relations Specialist for Latin America at iVoice Communications Inc., he is a driving force behind corporate communication strategies and cultural exchanges.

In his pivotal role at iVoice Communications, Orlando conducts in-depth research. He curates insights into arts, cultural events, and prevailing social issues throughout Latin America, with a pronounced focus on countries like Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. He expertly bridges linguistic gaps through his mastery of Spanish–English / English-Spanish translations, ensuring precision and effectiveness in communication.

Orlando’s linguistic prowess extends across Spanish, English, and French, enabling him to navigate diverse cultural landscapes easily. His expertise transcends mere language, as he has adeptly translated substantial works, including “Uncolonized Latinas” by Valeria Aloe and “From Self Talk to Soul Talk” by Dr. Russel Bishop.

Remaining committed to his continuous growth, Orlando is presently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, with a focused emphasis on Neuromanagement for Organizational Development, at Rafael Belloso Chacin University. His educational foundation includes a BA in Counseling Psychology from Universidad del Zulia and a BA in Translation and Interpreting from Simon Rodriguez University.

In addition to his prowess in PR and media, Orlando is an accomplished artist. His creative expressions within the realm of fine arts have adorned exhibitions and enriched lectures on arts and culture, captivating audiences in prominent galleries in London, New York, and Latin America.

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