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Our Journey Together, iVoice and NYC & Company.

“A Great Fit” 

We saw, we came, and we worked hard together to fit into the NYC & Company culture and removed any road blocks to simply working as a team in the most productive way possible to get the job done. 

Through strategic planning, teamwork, and following NYC & Company management’s goals and direction, we engaged in developing successful company campaigns, official announcements, annual programs and more. We achieved consistent and powerful media placements that boosted the profile of not just New York City’s hospitality industry but New York City & Company as well. 

Our Journey has just begun, and we look forward to continuing to add value together… 

“Our Commitment and Reputation for Getting it Done” 

iVoice is a nimble, intimate, high-octane organization, big on achievement and low on bureaucracy. 

We earned our reputation for taking on the most challenging Public Relations and Media assignments, and performing skillfully to achieve what New York City & Company required of us.

 We’ve worked extensively in the real-time and dynamic arena of Public Relations, Media and Marketing, supporting New York City & Company across the US Hispanic Market.

Working together, we brought our experience that has honed our capability and enabled us to deliver the high level of expertise and confidence wrapped in a commonsense approach that New York City and Company experienced as a breath of fresh air.

“Our Services NYC & Company”


iVoice promoted New York City & Company using media channels like television, newspapers, radio, magazines, digital platforms, and influencers.  Using our network of 1,000 plus media contacts we targeted the most relevant Hispanic media outlets in key markets internationally.

Medial and Public Relation Service 

We supported strategic media campaigns. We created new content for press releases for the Hispanic Heritage Month.  We translated and promoted relevant content through our media network. Detailed Monthly Media Reports, Statistics, and Clipping Service reports provided progress tracking and status.

Community Outreach Service

Working closely with New York City & Company, we identified and assisted with coordinating local “Grass Roots” community outreach initiatives.  For example, targeting representatives from Latin American Consulates and other relevant community organizations.  We provided PR services in support of New York City & Company’s local activation campaigns with talents and members of the community.

Digital Media Service

We created new content and used previously issued social media messages, translated selected content into Spanish and developed content as required. The content was pushed out through our platforms, influencers, and delivered via New York City & Company’s Social Media.

Acted as Spokesperson

As spokesperson for New York City & Company, we conducted media interviews with members of our key Hispanic media outlets in targeted markets.  We secured, coordinated the logistics, and schedules for the media representatives together with New York City & Company for each interview and provided follow-up with media to ensure maximum coverage.

Case Study

  • Strategy development, program management and services management from 2017 to 2022.
  • Publicity value: $6.9 Million.
  • Impressions: 107.5 Million (company name printed in Newspapers and Magazines.
  • Audience / Followers reached: 6.4 Billion.
  • Created brand awareness in the hispanic market through earned media placements in broadcast, print and digital media outlets.
  • Published stories: 1,359.

“Hightlighting Some of the Work We’ve Done” 

The following pages chronologically highlight some of the campaign coverage including crisis management and communications during an unprecedented Pandemic all using Hispanic Media Outlets across the United States and Latin America.

Hoy Los Angeles National/LATAM

Campaign Name: A Monumental Year June 2018

Diario Las Américas National/LATAM

Campaign name: Us Hispanic Fam Trip June 2018


Campaign name: All In NYC 2020

Agencia EFE National/ LATAM/Spain

Campaign name: The Latino Experience June 2021


Aditional Key Sample Pandemic Coverage

  • -Winter Outing Campaign – Telemundo Show “Un Nuevo Día”
  • -The Edge Opening – El Especialito Newspaper
  • -Virtual NYC Campaign – La Opinión 
  • -Dine in NYC Campaign Agencia  – EFE
  • -NYC Through my Window – infobae
  • -NYC TV AND FILM Campaign  -Diario Las Américas 

  • -SHOP IN NYC campaign – La Opinion
  • – Coalition for NYC Hospitality & Tourism Recovery – Agencia EFE
  • – All in NYC – La Vanguardia
  • -Art on the Grid 
  • -NYC Virtual Field Trips – Diario Las Américas
  • -NYC Cations – El Espectador 

  • -Vidal Turismo – México
  • -All in NYC – CNN en español 
  • -NY1 Noticias
  • -All in NYC: Neighborhood Getaways
  • -All in NYC Cations
  • -Celebrate Climate Week With a Green “NYC CATION”

  • -Hispanic Heritage Month
  • -Halloween
  • -Coalition & Revitalization Efforts
  • -NYC & COMPANY  Invites new yorkers to discover times Square now and Revitalize the Crossroads of The World
  • -Holiday Season

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