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Soraya Yanine

Strategic Partnerships – Latin America

Soraya Yanine is an illustrious figure in journalism, bringing over 25 years of rich, international experience to the forefront. Notably recognized as a former war correspondent, her career is marked by compelling narratives shaping public discourse. She ascended to Deputy Director at Noticias RCN, a Latin American broadcast landscape titan, demonstrating unparalleled leadership and journalistic acumen.

Soraya orchestrated high-impact communication strategies in her prestigious tenure as the Presidential Press Advisor in Colombia, skillfully navigating the complex interplay of politics and media.

Her profound insights into strategic communication and an unerring sense for corporate image and reputation management have cemented her status as an influential international consultant.

Beyond her strategic prowess, Soraya is an artisan of content, adept in molding narratives through audiovisual media, digital communication, and public relations. Her vision and expertise are integral to her role at iVoice Communications, where she is instrumental in steering operations across Latin America. Soraya Yanine is not just a professional in her field but a visionary, shaping the landscape of communication with her innovative approach and indomitable spirit.

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