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New York does not refuse to attract tourists with the most modest budgets. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world but also one of the most visited, offering free activities and others at lower prices than those usually found in the Big Apple.
Adriana Aristizabal, spokesperson for New York City Tourism, the company that sponsors tourism in the metropolis, speaks.

“When we come to New York City, we usually think of super high budgets to be able to enjoy this city, but the reality is that New York offers many opportunities for people to enjoy at low or no cost.”

Adriana Aristizabal

In addition to the beaches, parks, and architecture that can be enjoyed in the city, Aristizabal highlights the concerts and open-air film screenings, as well as the various street festivals held in the city’s five boroughs starting July 29.

One of the places that invite you to enjoy the New York summer outdoors is Bryant Park, where every Monday until August 21, there are open-air movies and some twenty concerts between June and September.

Activities can be witnessed from the sizeable grassy esplanade with which this park is dressed from spring to autumn and replaces the ice skating rink that occupies the same place in the park in the winter months.

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