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Tribute to José Antonio Llorente 1960-2023

Photo Credit : LLYC

We at iVoice Communications are deeply saddened by the passing of José Antonio Llorente, a visionary leader, mentor, and dear friend. José Antonio, the founding partner and Executive Chairman of LLYC, left an indelible mark on the world of communications and beyond, passing away at 63 in Madrid.

Our CEO and Founder, Adriana Aristizabal, had the privilege of knowing José Antonio not just as a colleague but as a mentor and friend. His guidance and wisdom have guided our journey, shaping much of what iVoice Communications stands for today.

José Antonio’s journey from his early days at Agencia EFE and the CEOE to his transformative role at Burson Marsteller and eventually founding LLYC in 1995 reflects a path marked by innovation, leadership, and a commitment to excellence. His recognition as a Distinguished Alumnus at Complutense University was a testament to his profound impact and influence.

At LLYC, José Antonio’s vision was clear – a firm of professional partners relentlessly focused on delivering outstanding results, fostering innovation, and nurturing the growth of top professionals. His drive turned LLORENTE & CUENCA into a leading force in communications, marketing, and public affairs consulting in Spain and Latin America. His legacy lives on in LLYC, a globally recognized listed company with a significant presence worldwide.

His book, “El Octavo Sentido” (The Eighth Sense), encapsulates much of his wisdom and experience, offering invaluable insights into the world he helped shape.

Even as he bravely battled cancer, José Antonio envisioned a future for LLYC that went beyond individuals. His strategic foresight in advancing the partner model, the IPO on BME Growth, and robust corporate governance are cornerstones of his enduring legacy.

José Antonio’s passion extended beyond his professional work to contemporary art, with significant contributions as a collector, trustee, and patron in the art world. His philanthropic efforts, notably his role in the LLYC Foundation and the fight against cancer, speak volumes of his character and commitment to positively impacting the world.

José Antonio Llorente’s legacy will continue to inspire and guide us at iVoice Communications. We are committed to honoring his memory by upholding the values and vision he instilled in us.

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