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COME FROM AWAY becomes the longest-running show in Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

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Tonight we are celebrating been the longest running show at the Gerald Schoenfel Theatre, so its a huge honor be here, been a latino in this industry is unlike anything I could ever imagine.

Caesar Samayoa

There is so much incredible time on Broadway so being able to be here and representing latinos want to go to the art , it’s a dream i never could imagine would happen.

So the longest running show in Gerald Schoenfel Theathre, come from away is a very important occasion , I’m just like people of grander show such stream and what they did.

we feel the show coming back after the pandemic and bring broadway back its just the same for us and in grate part of the city and we are announced today its come from away in new york city.

Fells like in a means you know a beautiful storie and moment and time that it is, fells like we did a good service to the city so yeah im proud.

Was nice to be with the show, thats become a true staple in new york in the propper community.

In the show the cast is about 40% of us are off color, thats were on brodway, theres the stories about you know the latino community,the asian community, the black community, we need to have , we need to be able to tell stories no matter what, thats what we do, so its awesome.

To ritmo fans come see come from away come see us, come give us some loving

Hello to ritmo, this is the long come from away please come out and see our show, we are here until october second, its unbelievable, kindness generosity, we will be here, we hope to see you

Vengan a ver come from away on Broadway.

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