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What is the best season to visit NYC? – Univision Contigo en la comunidad

Adriana Andrade, from Univision TV Contigo en la comunidad, Interviews Adriana Aristizabal

Adriana Andrade: I’m with Adriana Aristizábal, the Hispanic Public Relations consultant at New York City Tourism and Conventions. Adriana, welcome. It is a pleasure to have you with us today to discuss a topic that will undoubtedly interest our entire community. Tell us the main functions of New York City Tourism and Conventions.

Adriana Aristizabal: Thank you, Adriana, for the functions of New York City Tourism and Conventions. It has a vital mission because this organization is responsible for expanding the voice of New York City worldwide. There are more than 27 offices in different cities and strategic locations worldwide where Latin America plays a significant role. We are in charge of carrying out tourism campaigns worldwide and speaking to the press about the benefits of New York City. From inviting tourists to visit New York City to To help part of the New York City economy. As you well know, the tourism sector in New York City goes beyond hotels, airlines, The iconic sites also include small businesses, boutiques, restaurants, shops and cafes. All the places that are, let’s say, places of passage for tourists who come to the city.

Not only do we have tourists from other regions of the world, but we also have local tourists in New York City, New Yorkers, Hispanics, and Latinos who live in New York City and want to go out and explore it. So it is a job that is quite big. It is a mission that goes beyond borders; work is essential because it strengthens the economic impact. And at the time of one of the industries that are pillars of the New York City economy.

Adriana Andrade: That’s how it is. We have all seen a movie where the city of skyscrapers comes to light, and it also gives us that Christmas nostalgia, especially now that those dates are approaching. Tell me, what is the best season to visit them?

Adriana Aristizabal: Well, it’s a difficult question. Yes, because every season in New York City has magic. It has something important, something to enjoy, and something to enjoy with family or on a trip alone. New York, for example, now that we are entering the Christmas season, the city of New York is beautiful to visit. Next week, we are going to have Thanksgiving. Well, one of the great invitations we have is for the people to come out and experience what the Thanksgiving parade is all about. The New York City Thanksgiving parade, one of the most iconic, is in its ninety-seventh year. In addition, people can see artists, celebrities, and famous people see all these giant balloons about how beautiful they are, let’s say, and having a very enriching family day. In addition to that, New York City always dresses up in light during Christmas. There are shopping centers. Iconic places, restaurants, hotels, streets, Rockefeller Center, parks, and neighborhoods are dressed in sunlight, so it is exciting and beautiful to go out to these places. New York City has some essential programs throughout the year. Soon, we will launch the winter excursion from the second week of January to the first two weeks of February. It is the cheapest week of the year, and people can find extraordinary discounts to enjoy New York City.

Adriana Andrade: And you mentioned that there are also tons of activities for all budgets. Where can they find more information about activities for people looking for discounts or free activities?

Adriana Aristizabal: Of course, the page is, where you will find all the information related to tourism in New York City.

Adriana Andrade: Thanks, Adriana. We must visit New York City soon and enjoy all its magic. And well, dear community, the time has come to say goodbye. Thank you for opening the doors of your homes to us.

I’m Adriana Andrade, see you there. See you at the same time next weekend here at Contigo en la Comunidad. We united in the events that forged our community from north to south. Have a beautiful week.

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